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Our group is committed to providing quality services. Continuous improvement is our top priority.

Custom Solutions

Our Traffic Managers team is specialized and presents solutions that add value to our customers.

Deadline Fulfillment

We are rigorous and we work every day to meet the deadlines agreed with our clients.


About Us

Our Group is composed of two companies, TRANSWHITE TRANSPORTES, and LOGIQUEEN LOGÍSTICA, which offer an integrated service of road transport and merchandise logistics.
Supported by a modern fleet, skilled drivers and an experienced team of traffic managers, our companies guarantee their customers that their goods are safe.

All customers are different, therefore all services can be customized by our client. You can see all our services in detail.

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What we do

We carry out all types of transport at national and international level at European level, where our focus is always our customer!

Air, land and sea supplies
Controlled Temperature
Express Service
Dangerous Cargo
Grupage or Full loads
Real time monitoring

Transports throughout Europe

We are specialists in what we do and we carry out transport throughout Europe either in import and export regime!

Certifications and Partnerships

We try to have the best certifications and partnerships so that we can give the best service

Level I, II e III

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