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Transwhite and Logiqueen place themselves on a high level of demand. If you want to be part of a great team. learn and place yourself among the top professionals, you can see some of our conditions and make your application!


Transwhite and Logiqueen is proud of all the commitment and dedication given to each of our employees in order to provide the best working conditions, always promoting the growth and evolution of each one, motivation and especially the team spirit among the entire company .


Integration and training is provided to each one so that they can comply with the company's rules, rules and requirements, as well as training that allows our employees to evolve in their careers.

All opinions and ideas count

The company always takes into account new ideas and opinions that can contribute to the growth of the company and everyone.


All performance indicators are read, monitored and evaluated in order to improve our services and make our employees evolve with us.

Health and Partnerships

All employees are provided with health insurance and access to different protocols and partnerships with different health and sport establishments.



Good performance and behavior is privileged. For the exceptional, dedicated and committed, incentives and perks are provided.

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