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We always find the best solution for our customer for a personalized, fast, safe and above all, quality transport.


Innovation and Environment in mind


Taking care of what is all of us

We are very demanding with our entire fleet and there is continuous investment and care in its technological and mechanical modernization, with a fleet age of approximately 2 years, always keeping in mind the sustainability of the environment, safety and the quality of the service provided to the customer. our client.


Euro 6

To preserve our environment, we innovated the entire fleet with the EURO 6 standard, also betting on the continuous training of our drivers in Eco-Driving in order to reduce our emissions.

Emissions Control

In order to obtain the best results, it is critical to constantly analyze indicators such as consumption, performance and routes.

There is a focus on several points for the best results.

1. Analysis of indicators

Temos ferramentas que nos permitem monitorizar consumos e emissões que nos dá vários indicadores onde podemos incidir de forma económica e ambiental, tais como performance do motorista, consumos e produção de CO2

2. Fleet innovation

Existe um foco muito grande na inovação da frota para que não só se consigam dar as melhores condições a quem conduz como também sejam os menos poluentes. A frota tem uma idade média de 2 anos e todos eles com a norma EURO6.


3. Training

With the collection of indicators and driving profiles, Eco Driving training plans are made for each driver with points for improvement so that there is an evolution in their driving in terms of efficiency, safety and at the same time improve their consumption.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of more than 170 vehicles with the best and latest technology, mechanics and comfort sharing the main brands: Scania, Volvo, DAF and Mercedes. Our concern is mainly with the environment as well as providing the best conditions for those who drive our vehicles as well as providing a quality service to our customer.

As a complement to our fleet, we have the TAPA certificate which ensures that we transport your most valuable cargo to the destination in the safest way possible.

All of our trailers are from the Schmitz Cargobull brand, whether in Canvas or Refrigerator format. All of them are equipped with the best components in terms of safety, location and remote temperature control even in the case of refrigerators.


Refrigerated Trailer

  • Electronic locks;

  • Possibility of double floor;

  • With and without platform;

  • Pharmaserv certified trailers for transporting drugs;

  • Mono, bi and tri-temperature trailers with remote temperature monitoring and control;

Canvas Trailer

  • Anti-theft tarpaulins;

  • Possibility of double floor;

  • Mega Trailer;

  • ADR transport;

  • All meet the latest mooring requirements;


Communication and Security

The fleet is fully equipped with a GPS system, monitoring and control 24/7, which guarantees the real-time location of your cargo, all types of security alarms and effective communication with our drivers.

We will also be able to give our customer the possibility to track their cargo in real time to ensure that they accompany it throughout the journey * .

With regard to safety, we invest in the best location and alarm equipment, training of our drivers and certification so that we are able to transport your cargo safely and smoothly during the journey.

The TAPA certificate allows us to transport special cargo safely, fulfilling all procedures to prevent theft, intrusion and any type of violation of the vehicle's integrity.

The customer can even set a password to lock the trailer at the end of the loaded trailer and unlock it at the unloading site, remotely.


* This possibility will be available according to the type of transport, security and only available in full loads.

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